Thursday, January 29, 2009

Francis Collins rocks

Who is Francis Collins? Oh, only the premier geneticist in the nation. Only the man who headed the mapping of the human genome --the most incredible scientific discovery of our age.

And, he rocks, see below:

During a debate with Richard Dawkins, Collins stated that God is the object of the unanswered questions about the universe that science does not ask, and that God himself does not need an explanation since he is beyond the universe. Dawkins called this "the mother and father of all cop-outs" and "an incredible evasion of the responsibility to explain", to which Collins responded "I do object to the assumption that anything that might be outside of nature is ruled out of the conversation. That's an impoverished view of the kinds of questions we humans can ask, such as "Why am I here?", "What happens after we die?" If you refuse to acknowledge their appropriateness, you end up with a zero probability of God after examining the natural world because it doesn't convince you on a proof basis. But if your mind is open about whether God might exist, you can point to aspects of the universe that are consistent with that conclusion.[11]


  1. Yes, it's from Wikipedia. get over it, and stop being so elitist.

  2. "But if your mind is open about whether God might exist, you can point to aspects of the universe that are consistent with that conclusion." You're right. He rocks.

  3. HA! Was that Wikipedia comment for me? I myself LOVE Wikipedia, but cannot help but quote yet again:

    "Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world, can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.” - Michael Scott

  4. Hmmm Logic vs Faith (or mysticism as some call it) Logic says the sum of the parts equals the whole. Can God be discovered by adding up parts of the creation to equal the Creator? I think not. This really embitters scientists But how can the Creator, who is bigger and beyond the creation, be found by quantifying or qualifying the creation. For example, think of a adoptive child looking for his birth mother. He can surely find her with DNA matching, he willingly offers his DNA to be matched, but at this point his mother could be anybody. He will not find her unless she also has willingly given her DNA to be recorded. Hence, you cannot know who the mother is by taking apart the son, you can only know the mother if she has submitted her DNA to the database to be compared. Do you doubt she exists if you can't find her DNA? No, because the child is alive and came from somewhere. Therefore, searching for a God by taking apart cells and atoms and molecules from His creation will get you nowhere. But looking from the outside in and knowing God, when you view creation you see God's imprint on absolutely everything. Logic cannot define this, only faith and mysticism can. Belief in the supernatural and in something greater than yourself. Chesterton claims that logic drives men mad because it does not answer the questions that really matter. While mysticism answers them unapologetically. Funny how we grasp wholeheartedly to things we have never seen and can never prove, yet would let go of all concrete, tangible things to acquire those things.