Sunday, September 20, 2009

Music in the Worship Service

Some people are music snobs --and they won't sing anything low-brow.
Some people are music cretins --and they won't sing anything high-brow.
Some people are music curators --and they won't sing anything new.
Some people are music dilettantes --they will not sing anything old.

We ought to be none of these things. We ought to sing whatever we are given to sing (as long as it's Biblical) with full voice and heart. Does God deserve anything less than full-throated praise?

And, we ought to be a bit of all these things: we ought to sing high brow and low, old and new.


  1. What about something like "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers? It doesn't mention God or Jesus but it expresses Gal 6:2, "Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ"?

    Are we not to sing about fulfilling the Law of Christ because it is not explicitly Christian?

    Just axing...

  2. If I'm not singing, it's only because it's set in too high of a key. I still move my lips and think about the words, but sometimes on a Sunday morning, too high is just... too high. :)

  3. KT

    Sing alto, dear sister! :-)

  4. We actually had a female tenor in our church in AL.

  5. FINE! When you hear me singing the man part, don't laugh!

  6. What would Cash do?

  7. He would do a cover of "Your own personal Jesus." Wait a minute....he did do that!

    I love those Rick Rubin recording sessions. Some of them are weird, but there is gold there, too!

  8. A simple and wise post on music. How about some more posts?

    Tim Keller