Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've lost my muse

Some have wondered why my blog has gone dark. The truth is, my muse has gone missing.

If anyone has seen him, tell him to get back to work. I want to write again!

But, alas. He comes and goes as he pleases. I only hope he's not dead!!


  1. I thought muses were female? Maybe he/she is hoping you'll get outside and enjoy the long-awaited Spring instead of writing :-)

    Nonetheless, I've noted your absence from my blog reader, and I hope your inspiration and motivation returns soon.

  2. My muse has been chewing on two books: Till We Have Faces, by CS Lewis and The Pilgrim's Progress. Maybe you should blog on those? Then, I can read it and link to it, and my muse can rest in the sun in the backyard...

  3. You should never allow anyone, not even a muse, to chew on your books--sacrilege! But I am in favor of resting in the sun, however :-)

  4. Dear Ken:
    Seriously, I think the secret to blogs is to notice the short, oral statements you make during the day in the normal course of pastoral work. People ask you questions, and you say things off the cuff, and once a week or so your thoughts come together pretty well. Go home and write it out and don't let it go on more than 30 minutes (and 600 words.) If you don't write these things down they are lost--so it's not an additional duty, it's part of your own growth and accumulation of wisdom.

    Tim Keller

  5. Jennifer, the muse chews mentally. It's Addie I have to worry about chewing things up -- I put the really good books up high... :)

  6. Good idea! My dog was strangely fascinated by the wood legs of my desk when she was a puppy. She's an old lady now though and those days are behind her. These days she prefers spending quiet days on my couch, which is also forbidden, but I can't whack her like I used to when she was younger than me in dog years. :-)

  7. Ken, when I started my blog I figured I might be able to do a few posts a week, but early on I decided, based on the advice of another blogger, to discipline myself to do a post every weekday, and I've amazed myself at how the habit has helped me keep the blog going. Now, I have all sorts of topics in the mill and I'm chewing them over and formulating them and then have them ready to write when I sit down for my hour at night (I do try to keep it to an hour). Of course, I don't have children, and my husband conveniently goes off for long periods of time leaving me lots of night-time hours, but still, the discipline of writing something every weeknight is what has helped me keep going.

    And you'll not be surprised that I hardly ever keep it under 600 words, but I do try, really really try to keep it to 1000. Can I help it that my historical sources were often wordy? :-)

  8. Dude, you got a not from Tim Keller. I am impressed. I also have lost mine, but I found my insomnia demon again.

  9. Muses are definitely female.

    Insomnia demons should be slaughtered (throw a pillow at them, or inkwells, or insults, whatever)

    I like posts about abnormal encounters with unique people. Some are rich, some poor, some crazy, some so sane it drives me crazy.... And yes the random words exchanged are not so random at all. Usually when meditated on they somehow relate to the gospel. What the unique person has, what he thinks he needs, what he wants,and what do you have to offer, which sadly enough in certain situations in absolutely nothing at all.