Tuesday, June 29, 2010

General Assembly Thus Far

1.) The human brain has a very hard time processing all the detailed arguments of committee meetings, at least this one does.

2.) GA is a hard place for introverts. I see people I'd love to meet in person, not to schmooze, but inherent shyness makes this difficult.

3.) I think some people unfairly trade off their prominence. I do not think all prominent people do this. God gave some people prominence, and they are generally good stewards of it. Others, not so much. I mean, does the president of the seminary really have to be the first person at the microphone to nominate a chairman? C'mon! I wonder if his evil plan is to take over the PCA --once he is elected to the SJC, his hegemonic power will be complete. Okay, this is tongue in cheek. Sort of.

4.) I am grateful to God to be debating the issues we debate, and not the issues most other churches have to debate. Our big issues are small, unlike those in more mainline denominations.

5.) Good time with friends old and new is a good part of General Assembly. It seems tragic, however, to walk by the Ryman Auditorium every day, and not be going to an Opry...

Quite obviously, my brain is frizzled from long hours in committee. Who ever decided that windowless rooms work well for meetings ought to be shot then hung.


  1. Actually, a picture is hung. A person is hanged. :) Wish I was there with you. Don't let Barnes near a mike!

  2. Sorry we didn't run into each other, Ken. You should have said 'hi'!

    Tim Keller

  3. Tim,

    I should have made a point of it. Next year, DV, in Va Beach!

  4. And, Kevin, if you had sat (sit set) through the meetings, your grammatical precision might be lacking, as well....

    Though it never seems to have that effect on David "Nutri-System" Coffin.

  5. So Kevin,

    Ken didn't do a very good job.

    I spoke one time. I made a motion that we recess for 10 minutes to analyze the BCO amendments we were voting on for the Funding Plan. Most people had the change from the Commissioner Handbook, but probably didn't see the differences in what was changed the Tuesday before the Assembly by the AC. There were a good many who voted for that motion, but it failed.