Friday, January 14, 2011

Of Love For the Gospel and a Hatred of Controversy

The last two posts were out of character for this blog. That is deliberate. I have an aversion to controversy, though I love a spirited debate as much as the next person. I have occasionally loved it too much --true confession time.

Yet, the New Testament tells us that Satan loves to provoke controversy in the church. Far too often, we lay the blame for the controversy at the feet of those who are defending the truth.

I try to pick my battles very selectively. I am not always successful at this. I have occasionally engaged in over-heated rhetoric. Sometimes I have tried to interject levity, and come across as a jerk.

Yet, this particular issue is one worth standing upon. The gospel of free grace must be clearly defined, and heralded forth. Any muddying of the waters, any confusion of law and gospel, any making the grace of God contingent upon something praiseworthy in man, must be called out.

Now, back to our regular programming....

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