Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Prison Sadness and a Note of Hope

I received another letter from my friend in prison today. The third letter. I have written him three times. His letter indicates he has not heard from me or anyone else. He must be in despair. I don't know what to do but to pray. I am going to call the warden tomorrow, but I doubt he will be able to tell me anything.

Pray for my friend.

The note of hope is that some people get this. Prison reform is hard, but it can happen. Ohio is an example. May Chuck Colson be granted an extraordinarily long life --I just don't see many other Christians doing this sort of work:

Oh, and just an update. My last post was prophetic. I drove to the jail at the appointed time --and was turned away at the door. I will, DV, try again early this week.


  1. Ken, is it possible for you to get on a list of those approved to correspond and/or visit with your friend?

    Seems you would have benn told about this already were it available. Praying you will find a path to make the contact you seek.

    Please keep us updated. Blessings!

    Susan Morgan

  2. Susan, They tell me as a pastor I'm approved. I think most of this is inefficiency and an outmoded building and system more than anything.