Monday, February 22, 2010

Jean Cauvin on Preachers Who Fuss and those Who Fuss at Them about Fussing

That's Calvin to you Anglo-philes. Of course that's not Calvin in the photo --there were no cameras in the 1500's! Duh. That's J. Gresham Machen, a personal hero, and a preacher who was wont to fuss.

HT: Tim Bayly

Indeed it is appropriate to repeat here once again what I mentioned before, that fault must not always be found with the servants of Christ, if they are driven with violent force against professed enemies of sound doctrine, unless one is perhaps disposed to accuse the Holy Spirit of lack of moderation. ... the vehemence of holy zeal and of the Holy Spirit in the prophets was like that, and if soft, effeminate men think it stormy, they do not consider how dear and precious God's truth is to Him. (Calvin on Acts 13:10)

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